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Where you learn proven strategies for a luxe personal brand, become an unforgettable speaker, and increase your profits with sales mastery all while fortifying your faith. 

What Is The ITfactor Mentorship

Whether you are just beginning the process of building your personal brand and business or you are already established and wanting to scale your impact and success, ITfactor Mentorship will challenge you to execute at your highest level. It’s designed to help your business become a force for good that generates higher profits and a deeper connection to your God-given mission here on Earth.

Currently Serving

Real Estate Professionals

Professional Photographers

Interior Design Experts

Keynote Speakers

Network Marketing Leaders

Online Health Coaches

Beauty Experts

Human Resource Professional

Insurance Leaders

Website & Brand Developers

Luxury Shoe Apparel Designer

Med Spa Owners

ITfactor Mentorship Done Different

Our Standard for this mentorship program is simple. It’s us asking the question “what would get Jake & I excited to be part of a program?”

See the chart on how we do things differently here.

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Applicable Strategy
Video Content

Personal Touch
With Leaders



With Depth

Business Consulting

Event Perks

on Faith


Branding, Speaking, Selling




Array of Industries

Dedicated Group for Emily & Jake to Answer

Comp’d Front Row Tickets

Monthly Soulful Sundays
*optional to attend*

Other “Programs”
Niche Specific

Rarely, Unless it’s an Upsell


Rarely an option

Niche Specific Only

Almost Never

Rarely an Option

Depends on Niche
Other “Masterminds”
Not Often

~ 1-2x a Month

Depends on Niche

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4 Steps To Getting Started With Us

Generating more success in your brand, speaking, and selling comes down to 4 simple steps..


Request IT

Click “Request Mentorship” for our Member Specialist to connect with you and share details to see if this would best benefit you.


Game Plan IT

After you enroll, receive a custom ITfactor Game Plan which is tailored to your specific needs to help generate your desired results quicker


Dive into IT

Access the Content, Weekly LIVE Calls, & the ITfactor Tribe. You are not a number in this program. Emily & Jake know you personally and are in your corner.


Become IT

 Embody what it means to be congruent with who you are and a successful business that reflects that.

Emily Ford

Owner of a 9-Figure Sales Organization, Global Speaker, and Lifestyle Entrepreneur

From barely being able to pay rent 13 years ago to making her first million dollar income within three years of building her sales organization, Emily owns one of the biggest sales organizations, with 150,000+ customers under her name. She has traveled the globe training an array of sales and leadership teams from the corporate world, including salon owners, network marketers, and many industries in between. She teaches how to extract and integrate your “it factor,” allowing your unique abilities to elevate your business and brand success.

Jake Havron

Business Strategist for Private Companies and Facilitator of Immersive Workshop Experiences

Jake Havron has privately consulted entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, driving 6 to 10 figures in sales. He has led eight-hour immersive workshops for real estate teams, driving $300M+ in sales for entrepreneurial masterminds, including coaches, consultants, and network marketers based on the blueprint for human influence. A little over 5 years ago, he was a nurse. Instead, he decided to chase his own pursuit of excellence and got to where he is today by compressing decades of learning from the world’s greatest experts and mentors into days, creating real results for businesses and individuals.

Wondering a bit more?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don’t have a personal brand yet?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
I (Emily) believe that your personal brand is your greatest asset. We have a decent amount of members in the group who are just beginning to build their personal brand so don’t count yourself out on this. If this is you – I would guess our main focus right away is helping you build your personal brand no matter if you run an online business or if you have a brick and mortar company.
When does mentorship begin?..End?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
This is not an open/close enrollment program. This means if you wanted to get started today, we can have you onboarded and ready to go by the following week. It’s a 6 month program where after 6 months you decide to “LOVE IT or leave it” with continuing onward with us.
Is this just a 6 month program?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
No it is not because Jake & I are constantly expanding the training content provided each week. So our mentorship program is always evolving with branding, speaking, and selling training. Plus the perks of front row tickets to LIVE events and private gatherings keep things exciting too!
How is this training “custom” to me?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
After you enroll, we have you fill out an in-depth questionnaire so Jake, myself, and the team can understand all areas about you. Then from there we create a custom “ITfactor Game Plan” PDF that guides you through which training videos to watch specific to your outcomes. We created it this way so you receive faster results and you don’t feel overwhelmed with the vast amount of training videos we have in the ITfactor HUB.
Do you have payment plan options?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
Yes we have a payment plan option. Also, we are here to help you with creative financing options as we understand everyone’s got a different financial situation they may be in. Best way to find out what’s possible for you is with the free consultation call with Emily and/or Jake. Click “Request Mentorship” button to get started.
When are the weekly LIVE trainings?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
They occur EVERY Wednesday at 5pm PST // 8pm EST in a private Zoom room.
Can we partake in this if we live in another country?
Your Subtitle Goes Here
Yes we have a couple international members already in our mentorship program. Even if you are not able to do the LIVE trainings, the recordings are always sent to you. Also – the majority of your mentorship success comes from our interactive training videos in the ITfactor HUB which you can access at any time of day.

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